Reinvent Boutique Opens Second Location in Midtown Sacramento

reinvent midtown sacramento mrslookinggood


I am a fan of Marie and Dan Muscat’s Reinvent Boutique in Roseville and was happy to hear that they’ve opened another Reinvent location in Midtown Sacramento early this year.  Every time I find myself in the Roseville or Rocklin area, I make it a point to check out what’s new at their boutique.  Their Midtown location is a shorter drive now for me and gives me more reason to visit the shop often.

I decided to check the new place out and try on a few items.  Outside the shop there is a rack of for sale items.  This is definitely a crowd drawer and for the consummate thrift shopper like me,  nothing attracts me more than a sale rack.  In addition, they have a sign outside that says “Nothing Over $25!”.  Knowing this boutique will not bust my grocery budget, it has my vote for sure.

Naturally,  I did not leave the place empty-handed!  Scored a couple of deals and can’t wait to share them with all of you.

Check out Reinvent’s Midtown Sacramento location!


Reinvent Midtown Sacramento Thrift Consignment MrsLookingGood


Reinvent Midtown Sacramento Thrift Consignment MrsLookingGood


Reinvent Midtown Sacramento Thrift Consignment MrsLookingGood


Reinvent Midtown Sacramento Thrift Consignment MrsLookingGood

And I came home with a bunch of stuff and these two amazing dresses.  I’m always drawn to colorful garments and just had to get these.  Watch out for a separate post once I’ve worn these two outfits.  What do you think?

Reinvent midtown SACRAMENTO



I also asked Marie to share more about their decision to expand and branch out in Midtown Sac.   I’ve featured Reinvent before and it’s always great to hear thoughts from the business owners on the whys and hows of the business.  Check out my interview with this funny, warm and engaging lady!


What made you decide in opening another branch?  

A momentary lapse of reason? Just kidding! 😉 We really love the Midtown area and thought it would be a good fit for our boutique-style shop.


Have you always wanted the location to be Midtown or did you consider other locations? 

Midtown was always our first choice. When a spot opened up on J st, we threw caution to the wind and just went for it.


Share a little bit of background story how you found this location,etc? 

Every once in a while I would scroll through Craigslist ads looking for a good spot to open a 2nd store. I got so excited when I found this location, my husband and I visited it the next day. The rest, as they as say, is history.


When did the second store open in Midtown? 

The worst possible time: January. Seriously, never open a store in January. You’ll be ready for the rubber room. Now that the weather is nicer and our business is growing, the need for a straitjacket has passed….


What type of customers do you have here? 

It is a very eclectic area. We get a little bit of everything, which makes it interesting. You really never know who will pass through the door.


How different are the customers from your Roseville crowd? 

We get a wider variety of ages and styles through our doors in Midtown. Some customers are a big more edgy. We get more theft than in Roseville, but we’ve been able to keep it under control. 


Do you get a lot of consignment/sellers or buyers here? 

No, fortunately. We wanted to just focus on sales in this spot.


Midtown Sac has tons of boutiques and shops (new or second hand),  how do you feel about competition?  

That was one of the things that drew us to this area. If there is competition, it means there is a demand. 


What makes Reinvent stand out from the rest? 

We are more boutique than urban, and carry a nice variety of stylish brands with very competitive prices, especially for this area.


Is parking a challenge for your clients? 

I think parking in Midtown can be a challenge, period. It’s just one of the things people need to be prepared for when they visit.


Do you get brand requests here?  Are you seeing a trend on what the Midtown sac clients are clamoring for? 

We’ve received a few brand requests. What we’ve noticed, though, is that the customers who like our style of clothes return and tell friends with the same taste, so we haven’t seen a big need to diversify too much.


Are you planning to open another branch?  If yes,  care to share possible locations? 

If we opened up another branch, you’d probably see me in the rubber room. Two is enough. 🙂


Where do you see Reinvent 5/10 years from now? 

That is the great unknown. It is too hard to really plan that far out with the changing atmosphere of retail. We’ll just play it by ear and do our best to adjust. If it doesn’t work out, it will just be time for another adventure.



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reinvent midtown sacramento mrslookinggood



Midtown Sacramento location: 2009 J St, near the corner of 20th & J. (916) 505-1972. Mon – Sat: 11 am – 6 pm & Closed on Sun.

Roseville location: 7441 Foothills Blvd, Ste 175, at the corner of Foothills and Pleasant Grove in the Arbor View Shopping Center in Roseville. (916) 774-0344 Mon – Sat: 11 am – 6 pm, Sun: 12 pm – 5 pm.


Stella & Dot Summer Collection Preview

Can’t wait to show you a preview of the Stella & Dot Summer Collection!  I must say I’m loving the first out of the 4 styles.  What is your favorite?

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This would be a perfect graduation or Mother’s Day gift for a stylish family member or friend!   If you are already going crazy thinking of a gift for somebody,  why not try giving them a Stella & Dot gift box?  Click the links below for more gift suggestions and learn more about how it works.

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A Happy and Prosperous 2016 to All!

New Year in Tahoe


Real life called the past few months and barely had enough time to devote to my blog. No major promises for 2016 because who has truly achieved all their resolutions?!


I will still be thrifty and budget conscious for sure. 😉


Wishing everyone a successful and bountiful new year surrounded by your loved ones!